Wet Wipes 4 Peace



With Wet Wipes 4 Peace you can upgrade your image and your customer service while saving money and reducing waste at the same time!

Serve fresh towels with a fresh citrus scent to your customers, and show them that you care enough to give them the highest quality individually wrapped wet wipes on the market.

About The World United for Peace

By the grace of God, a business lawyer who operates in the Sports Management field as a FIFA players' agent is the founder of The World United Organization. Clotaire Mahop started his journey through The World United where he expressed his primary concern to protect life, health, and to ensure dignity for all human beings.  The World United advocates for love,friendship, co-operation, and lasting peace between all nations on earth. We strive to alleviate the suffering associated with the lack of hygiene in a peaceful, healthy, and safe world.  Our leitmotiv requires a minimum effort from all of us in order to be rewarded like an athlete with a marvelous trophy at the end: A Healthy, Safe, and Peaceful World.

As an advocate for peace, Mr. Mahop started the journey from the United States to South Africa for the World Cup with banners in the plane with the message of peace printed on them.  His leitmotiv at the time and still remaining the same was to proclaim his anthem of peace to humanity through his message: WE ARE ONE WORLD, WE ARE ONE PEOPLE. For a month he spent his time with his team spreading the strong and peaceful message across South Africa, and in the presence of the whole world that was gathered for this historic event.  That message was: FOR AFRICA TO SUPPORT THE WORLD, WE ARE ONE WORLD, WE ARE ONE PEOPLE; WE NEED TO BE UNITED FOR PEACE.  More than 10,000 people around the globe went back home with his message printed on T-shirts.

After the historic event of the World Cup,The World United is proclaiming the need for a healthy, safe, and peaceful world.Its desire is to see the world as a healthier and better place without disease-causing germs,and advocates for a healthy and safe World. In order to reach his targets the founder with his partners implemented an ambitious project in the United States to improve health and hygiene through the distribution of premium, higest quality individual wrapped fresh citrus scented, single alcohol free hypoallergenic wet wipe towelettes to help protect people from harmful germs and diseases.

Co-founder of the business XTIROYAL SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC, Mr. Clotaire Mahop, is Founder and President of The World United LLC. He is a Legal expert who has served in the International Civil Aviation field as Chief in charge of human resources at Cameroon Airlines. He currently practices on a worldwide scale as FIFA Players' Agent while working with the United States Government.

As a former executive in the International Civil Aviation sector, Mr. Mahop traveled all over the world and still.

He is a notary public and a candidate for MBA in business administration at Chapel Hill University at the school of Business and Economics at Fayetteville Campus.

Since business personalization has become the key to long-term success in the business landscape, we can customize your business or event in today's biggest challenge we all face by staying relevant to a very competitive market.

In light of the conclusion of experts, at The World United we believe that hand hygiene is the NUMBER ONE way to prevent the spread of infection.

Our aim is to target any area where people could be at risk of contracting diseases related to the lack of hygiene.

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